Sar pi bi la? This simple phrase means ‘have you eaten’ and is used as a common greeting in Myanmar. The Myanmar people are passionate about food and the country is filled with delicious dishes. Street vendors offer some of the tastiest light bites, perfect for a quick afternoon snack! Here we share with you our top 5 favorite street snacks.

1- Mont Lin Ma Yar- These bite sized snacks are the perfect salty snack, any time of day. Rice powder and water are mixed together then poured in to a half-cylinder frying pan. Beans, chives and sometimes quail eggs are added to the batter as it cooks. Then, just before they are finished cooking, two halves are joined together thus giving them the name mont lin ma yar, meaning ‘husband and wife’.

2- Samosa Thauk- Myanmar has lots of great salads but this one is our favorite for a snack. The crispy-fried samosa are cut in to smaller pieces and tossed with cabbage, fried beans and other goodies. A ladle of broth is poured over the samosa to add a final layer of flavor.

3- Faluda- Faluda is a sweet milk-based drink that is similar to the Indian dessert of the same name. In Myanmar the milk is poured over ice, mixed with sugar and then with jellies, fruit syrup and sometimes bread mixed in. It is served with a spoon to make it easier to eat and is the perfect snack on a hot day.

4- Fruit- It may not be the most exciting sounding snack, but Myanmar’s fruit is some of the best in the world. Aside from the more common fruits like pineapples and bananas, Myanmar has fabulous mangos, mangosteens, rambutans, papaya and more! Most of the fruits are served with a dipping sauce combining salt, chili and sometimes fish paste!

5- E Cho Kway- These long sticks of fried dough are perfect alongside a cup of tea or coffee. Fried in huge vats of oil, the golden-brown dough comes out soft and chewy on the inside with just a slightly crisp covering. Although they are slightly salty, after a quick dip in your morning tea they soak up some of the sweetness and melt in your mouth.

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